Series Industrial Module (TC430)

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It allows for fast installation and works seamlessly through existing wiring to provide the low latency connectivity upon which industrial applications rely. topologies provide the IIoT backbone network for high speed and multi-hop point to multipoint (P2MP) connectivity for up to 250 nodes.
Out of the box the Module is configured for use over power cables typically carrying 24, 32 or 48V DC (or AC). Allowing up to 14 nodes to be connected to form a Mesh Network. This topology and node count will cover many Industrial applications. The Module has a single 1 Gig Eth Interface which will satisfy most requirements at an affordable cost. The module also supports RS485 or RS232 Serial Interfaces* common in Industrial installations such as factory automation and telemetry.
The module is supplied DIN rail mountable in a robust aluminium cast enclosure and comes with connectors for ease of installation. Status LED’s, Reset and Configuration buttons are recessed to stop accidental use.

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Series Industrial Module (TC430)

Order Code Series Industrial Module (TC430) Category