About FMG Electronics

A strong company culture with 30 years of experience in Electronic Components

Let's Tell You a Little About FMG!

FMG has been supporting the needs of electronic design and manufacturing community since 1991. Set up in Ireland, FMG now has offices in UK and Ireland. FMG a value to semiconductor companies it represents. It does this by design in support,  and best in class after sales service.

FMG maintains close relationships with the manufacturers it represents. Therefore FMG understands intimately their product offerings. This allows FMG to offer what is best suited to the customers needs. Through regular visits and discussion with engineers FMG can offer the best  technical solution. Once a product is designed and readied for manufacturing FMG will ensure that samples and production quantities of components are in stock. This will minimize time to market and ensure no lost business for our customers. In short we understand electronic component Distribution.

 FMG is a privately owned Irish company. Its’ mission is to provide the best technical solutions to the engineering design community. It does this by developing direct relationships with the engineers. Regular meetings and joint visits are undertaken by FMG with its manufacturers to understand the customer needs.

 FMG was founded by Kevin McCartan – Kevin previously worked for Analog Devices and AMD in Applications engineering and Technical Sales.