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MAX2361 -Complete Dual-Band Quadrature Transmitters

The MAX2361 dual-band, triple-mode complete transmitter for cellular phones represents an integrated and architecturally advanced solution for this application. The device takes a differential I/Q baseband input and converts it up to IF through a quadrature modulator and IF variable-gain amplifier (VGA). The signal is then routed to an external bandpass filter and upconverted to RF through an image-reject mixer and RF VGA. The signal is further amplified with an on-chip PA driver. An IF synthesizer, an RF synthesizer, a local oscillator (LO) buffer, and a 3-wire programmable bus complete the basic functional blocks of this IC. The MAX2363 supports single-band, single- mode (PCS) operation. The MAX2365 supports single- band cellular dual-mode operation.

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Order Code MAX2361ETM+ Category