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Mass Flow Sensor Electronics Modules

Sensor Modules for Gas Flow, Differential Pressure and Temperature Sensing

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Order Code FSE-112 Categories ,


Flusso’s FSE-112 sensor electronics modules use the company’s proprietary MEMS-based sensor technology to detect bidirectional gas flow, differential pressure and temperature.

The FSE-112 modules incorporate Flusso’s firmware hosted on a microcontroller to drive the sensor and provide calibratable measurements.

By combining the advanced FLS112 sensor with Flusso’s reference electronics design, these modules offer optimal functionality and sensing performance.

Additionally, the FSE-112 modules are designed for easy mechanical integration into final products, helping to accelerate and simplify route to market for manufacturers.

If required, Flusso can also provide comprehensive support for fluidic and mechanical integration.

Applications : Industrial – HVAC – Drone – Medical

• Silicon-MEMS sensor measurements
• Reference electronics design with hosted Flusso firmware
• Fully temperature-compensated readings
• SDK available to modify the application layer and make use of
spare microcontroller resources
• Retrieval of pressure sensor readings via I2C for volumetric gas flow
and differential pressure
• 10-pin host interface connections with I2C interface
• Fully compatible with Flusso’s GUI for quick evaluation

Key benefits
• Proprietary MEMS-based technology
• Bidirectional gas flow measurement
• Flusso’s reference electronics for
optimal sensing functionality
• Simple I2C host interface
• Flexible in-system calibration to
optimise measurement accuracy for
product requirements
• Easy mechanical and fluidic
integration into final product