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Surface-mount LED – MOQ 500PCS T&R

SEO-W42180-1D UFlux 4 colour bins, SWO, SXO, SXP, SWP

W42180-06-U1SX0H – 2,000PCS

MOQ 500 T&R

(4 REELS * 500pcs)

Bin code – U1SX0H

DATE CODE December 2009

Lot# PCA0912140126005-04 * 500pcs

Lot# PCA0912140126005-08 * 500pcs

Lot# PCA0912140126005-11 * 500pcs

Lot# PCA0912140126005-12 * 500pcs

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Quantity 500 MOQ T&R = €1.14EACH

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Order Code SEO-W42180-1D Category