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MAX512 Low-Cost, Triple, 8-Bit Voltage-Output DACs with Serial Interface

The MAX512/MAX513 contain three 8-bit, voltage-output digital-to-analog converters (DAC A, DAC B, and DAC C). Output buffer amplifiers for DACs A and B provide voltage outputs while reducing external component count. The output buffer for DAC A can source or sink 5mA to within 0.5V of VDD or VSS. The buffer for DAC B can source or sink 0.5mA to within 0.5V of VDD or VSS. DAC C is unbuffered, providing a third voltage output with increased accuracy. The MAX512 operates with a single +5V ±10% supply, and the MAX513 operates with a +2.7V to +3.6V supply. Both devices can also operate with split supplies.

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Order Code MAX512CSD+ Category