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MAX17222 400mV to 5.5V Input, nanoPower Synchronous Boost Converter with True Shutdown

The MAX17220–MAX17225 is a family of ultra-low quiescent current boost (step-up) DC-DC converters with a 225mA/0.5A/1A peak inductor current limit and True Shutdown™. True Shutdown disconnects the output from the input with no forward or reverse current. The output voltage is selectable using a single standard 1% resistor. The 225mA (MAX17220), 500mA (MAX17222/MAX17223), and 1A (MAX17224/MAX17225) peak inductor current limits allow flexibility when choosing inductors. The MAX17220/MAX17222/MAX17224 versions have post-startup enable transient protection (ETP), allowing the output to remain regulated for input voltages down to 400mV, depending on load current. The MAX17220–MAX17225 offer ultra-low quiescent current, small total solution size, and high efficiency throughout the entire load range. The MAX17220–MAX17225 are ideal for battery applications where long battery life is a must.

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Order Code MAX17222ELT+ Category