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Order Code CA-IS3731HW Category


CA-IS373x High-Speed Triple-Channel Digital Isolators

The CA-IS373x devices are high-performance triple-channel digital isolators with precise timing characteristics and low power consumption. The CA-IS373x devices provide high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions, while isolating CMOS digital I/Os. All device versions have Schmitt trigger input for high noise immunity. Each isolation channel consists of a transmitter and a receiver separated by silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier. The CA-IS3730 device has all three channels in the same direction with output enable on output side, the CAIS3731 device has two forward and one reverse-direction channels with output enable on both sides, and the CA-IS3735 device has the same channel configuration as CA-IS3730 without output enable. All devices have fail-safe mode option. If the input power or signal is lost, default output is low for devices with suffix L and high for devices with suffix H.

CA-IS373x devices has high insulation capability to handle noise and surge on a data bus or other circuits from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry. High CMTI ability promises the correct transmission of digital signal. The CA-IS373x devices are available in 16-pin narrow body SOIC and 16-pin wide body SOIC packages. All products have > 2.5kVrms isolation rating, and products in wide-body packages support insulation with standing up to 5kVrms.

Key Features
• Signal Rate: DC to 150Mbps
• Wide Operating Supply Voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
• Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C
• No Start-Up Initialization Required
• Default Output High and Low Options
• High Electromagnetic Immunity
• High CMTI: ±100kV/µs (Typical)
• Low Power Consumption (Typical):
▪ 1.5mA per Channel at 1Mbps with 3.3V Supply
▪ 5.5mA per Channel at 100Mbps with 3.3V Supply
• Precise Timing (Typical)
▪ 8ns Propagation Delay
▪ 1ns Pulse Width Distortion
▪ 2ns Propagation Delay Skew
▪ 5ns Minimum Pulse Width
• Isolation Rating up to 5kVrms
• Isolation Barrier Life: >40 Years at Rated Working Voltage
• Tri-state Outputs with ENABLE
• Schmitt Trigger Inputs
• RoHS-Compliant Packages
▪ SOIC-16 Narrow Body
▪ SOIC-16 Wide Body

• Industrial Automation Systems
• Motor Control
• Medical Electronics
• Isolated Switch Mode Supplies
• Solar Inverters
• Isolated ADC, DAC