4-Port Programmable Attenuator

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The MWave four-port attenuator is ideally suited to testing multi path communications channels (eg under a
wide range of attenuation levels, allowing different cable loss scenarios to be emulated.
With a wide frequency range (1MHz-6GHz) and an attenuation setpoint range of 10-120dB, the unit can be controlled
via USB or ethernet and each channel can be individually programmed; alternatively, a group command can be used
to set all 4 channels to the same setpoint simultaneously.
The device has an OLED display which indicates the setpoint of all 4 channels individually.
Each channel has high quality 50 ohm SMA input and output connectors and is housed in a robust anodised
aluminium chassis.

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4-Port Programmable Attenuator

Order Code 4-Port Programmable Attenuator Category